Monday, May 28, 2012

Congrats On Your Engagement, Anson & Lisa!

Received great news on a dreary Monday morning in the form of an engagement announcement on Facebook! Alwin's younger cousin from Sydney is now engaged to his girlfriend of many, many years. Ten, I think. Or more. He was one of Alwin's groomsmen at our wedding, so I'm very happy that it's his turn now. Not sure when the wedding will be, but one thing's for sure, it will be a beautiful and merry one!

Here's a pic of the sweet couple. Congrats again Anson & Lisa!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Melaka in 28 Hours

A weekend away from KL felt soooo good! I've always mentioned to family and friends that my Birthday celebration(s) last for the entire month of May. So I was once again in a celebratory mood when my parents treated us to a weekend in Melaka for a serious bout of Birthday binging. 'Us' meaning Alwin, me, Aunt Amy, Violet and Lee + girlfriend.

It was only a short 2-day/1-night trip and it flew by too quickly. We had every type of food imaginable that can be found in Melaka - Nyonya, Portuguese, chicken rice balls, dim sum and we almost overdosed on cendol. Violet even bought me a Black Forest cake. So I went ahead (again!) and cut another cake 2 weeks after my actual birthday.

While the folks went gallivanting, Alwin, Violet and I traversed the town and found ourselves at a new Spanish-inspired hotel called Casa del Rio. It's refreshing to see a new hotel in Melaka, and it was very beautiful too. We ended up eating again - this time at the hotel's River Cafe. Aptly named, as the cafe overlooks the not-so-clean Melaka River. We shared a tandoori chicken pizza named Pride and it was divine!

What other random things did we do? Let's see... We laughed a lot, bought dodol and fish crackers, went for a massage, hit the pool and got slapped with a summon for failing to display the parking coupon, which we paid only 10 bucks to settle. Almost the price of parking the car at Pavilion KL for 2 hours. Quite worth it right?

In my holiday maxi and Longchamp by Jeremy Scott bag

Violet wanted to take a picture with the 'Melaka tiles'. No difference from any other tiles to me

Check out the awesome-ness of this cendol at Cottage Spices

I thought this poster would make a good conversation-starter. Picture also taken at Cottage Spices

Camwhoring at Casa del Rio

With the hubs

Toast for three!

Here's our Pride pizza. It looks whitish from here, but it was good

Last pic before heading home. Violet in her ZARA t-shirt (which I also have) and me in my My Tee Story t-shirt from Melaka. Only 25 bucks and I love that it's so colourful
  P/S: I must say the iPhone 4S takes really good pictures!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Save-the-Date Ideas

We Asians don't normally send out save-the-dates but they are important if you want to ensure that your intended invitees pencil in the date of your party in their calendars.   

Some choose to send out save-the-dates a year in advance. I sent out our wedding save-the-dates together with our official invitations about 2 -3 months prior to the big day. I'm a sucker for sentiments (and somewhat traditional) so only a physical hard copy would do for me. Technology has since caught up and stop-motion save-the-dates are trending now. Here are some save-the-dates to indulge in:

1) This was ours:
We put a map on the reverse side and contact number of our reception venue lest anyone gets lost
2) Debbie & Kevin's postal magnet which I received via snail mail together with a stack of brochures on what to do in Kota Kinabalu! How thoughtful!
Picture taken from my Instagram. The magnet is now stuck on my fridge
3) Wei Teing & Gan's Rainbow-Inspired Stop-Motion Video:

4)  Melody & Wai Nyan's Bubbly Stop-Motion Video, photographed, produced and directed by Cheem Photography:

Footnote: Kindly take note that you are NOT invited for these weddings. Please do not gatecrash. Gatecrashers will be prosecuted, thrown into the dungeon and never be seen again.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Levieva!

It has been a really long time since I've been invited to a kid's birthday party, so it was really nice to unleash the inner child in me. My dear friend Christina's little girl Levieva (a special name for a special girl) turned 2 last Saturday! And so we all went and gathered at Chris' place and waited... and waited... and waited for the lil' princess to arrive. At last she did in grandma's arms - in a groggy, sleepy state. But once inside, she was awakened by the myriad of presents awaiting her. Mummy changed her into a diva outfit comprising a colourful tutu and feathered tiara.

Food was good, there were kids running around (as kids usually do), and some adults were getting even more excited than the kids. Why? Because this party was the real deal, complete with a bouncy castle! Too bad I was wearing a short dress, so no bouncing around for me.

We're starting them really young nowadays. I'm saying this because Levieva is a fashionista in the making with her passion for shoes.

By the time I publish this post, she would have turned 2 years and 4 days old. So Happy (Belated) Birthday once again Levieva and I know for sure that you'll grow up to be a gorgeous young lady!

Yummy mummy and baby
Being cheeky
Vanessa going "Come Levieva, do a peace sign!"
The shoe shaped birthday cake with lots of icing. Levieva is a shoe-aholic
Beautiful family
Godma Pam with the birthday girl. Little Lucie is wondering what all the commotion is about
Yours truly with the cutie
Time to unwrap my presents!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Russell Peters Notorious 2012 World Tour

Knowing how hard it is to catch an 18SX live comedy in a country such as this, we didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to see Russell Peters in the flesh. And so we did. I, in particular, left work at 6.00pm sharp, braved the Friday evening traffic, picked up Alwin from home, ate hot dogs for dinner in the car and headed for Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam last Friday.

When we got there, throngs of people were already making their way into the stadium. There were plenty of parking spaces all around - so there was no trouble looking for a parking spot at all. Thank goodness my friend, Dennis, who woke up at 9.30am to sit in front of his PC for the sake of purchasing the tickets online was smart enough to have paid extra for courier service. Hence, we didn't have to look ridiculous queuing up for ticket collection.

A lot of people I know went for the show. Peters was entertaining as always, there were laughter throughout, but somehow I can't help feeling that it could be better. There were some dry parts, parts where he went on and on about something without any specific directions, and some hilarious parts. He did end the show with a punch with his favourite pastime i.e. making fun of the Indian accent. We didn't take a lot of pictures because 1) we were not allowed to; and 2) we would die of embarrassment should we get caught operating the flash on the camera or phone.

Best I could do are the two pictures below.

Tier 2 tickets
Banner at the entrance. Check out his saucer-shaped eyes and that smirk

Sunday, May 13, 2012

We Got Hitched on New Year's Eve! - 31.12.2011

I love weddings - whether attending one, being a part of one or being in the bride's team of chi muis. It's not everyday we get to dress up, go to the salon and spend hours painting our faces with makeup. And since I'm such a romantic, I thought why not have a tab specially dedicated to weddings? In here, I'll share creative, gorgeous, love-filled weddings that will hopefully inspire brides-to-be. Or they can just simply act as eye candy.

Late last year, I attended a wedding that was very dear to me. I was neither a guest, neither was I a bridesmaid. I was in fact, the Bride! Yes, Alwin and I officially got hitched on new year's eve and we rang in the new year in our own special way. Our reception was held at the Grand Ballroom of Doubletree by Hilton KL which overlooks the pool plus we had a great view of the KL skyline. A very talented designer friend of mine, Wern Lu from Daydreamer Design created our fuchsia, silver and white themed stationery. Theme of the evening was INFINITY.

We had about 300 guests which we thought was a nice, cozy number. It's considered small for a Chinese wedding banquet. Our wedding was even featured on the Signature Weddings Asia website. Read all about it here.

We're glad that we got to share this special occasion with our dearest family and friends. Here are just a handful of my favourite photos to indulge in! Special thanks to our team of talented photographers who managed to immortalize our story in lasting images of glorious simplicity.

Our wedding invites - thank you Wern Lu!
This is actually the tea set used by my mum when she married my dad! Talk about vintage!
The classic-ism of black and white
The spacious ballroom arrangement which everyone absolutely loved
This is us in our joyful, wedding-y mood
Bridal party - Violet, Dex, Rachel, Anson, Pam and Aus
Acting all girly-girl
Photobooth - double yay!
Adorable flower girl and paigeboy
Ray of light!
My 5" beauty designed by bridalwear designer Celest Thoi. She asked me if I was sure I wanted them in 5" and
I went "hell, yeah!"
I love the details and beadings on the bodice of this striking red gown my mum bought me
Can't believe our photographer caught this very quick kiss
Alwin and I pretending we know how to slowdance
Yes, I sang!

Peeking through the lens of another camera