Thursday, August 9, 2012


The 80s style of cute peplum frocks and tops are such a hit for summer. I love how it's so flattering and style-friendly. I do have a few pieces of peplum-y tops and dresses in my closet, but I wouldn't mind adding more to my collection :)

I'm hoping I can find more nice separates i.e. tops, skirts, pants, jeans on my trip to London and Paris (yay, one more day to go!), but for now, here's a beautiful and inspirational picture of a beautiful and inspirational peplum outfit.

{Picture from Lauren Conrad's blog}

Friday, August 3, 2012

5 Things To Do This Long Weekend

Long weekends are the best thing ever! We've been extremely deprived of Public Holidays since June and now, finally, there's a state holiday on Monday. That one extra day off seems to make everything better :)

To me, long weekends are meant to be enjoyed because we don't get them often enough. So here are 5 things we can do to while away 3 days of bliss...

1) Have a backyard barbeque if you have a huge piece of land around your house. Invite friends and family for charred chicken/lamb chops, burgers and wine and have a catch up session!

2) Go shopping for pretty things - accessories, shoes, clothes, home decor, etc

3) Catch up on much-needed sleep. I know many of us are sleep-deprived because of work, work and more work!

4) Hit the roads and drive up to Genting Highlands for a short trip

5) Daydream! I'm gonna daydream and think of my upcoming trip to London and Paris.

Till next week! xoxo