Thursday, September 27, 2012

Messy, One-sided Updo

I've never had lustrous, shiny hair my entire life. Hair extensions are a God-send for people like me. I bought three pieces of hair extension clip-ons made of real hair so I can emulate those lucky people. This is my second time using them, this time as extensions for a messy side bun.

So this is how my bun looks like, thanks to a superb makeup and hair artiste extraordinaire Rynee Tan. Wore this Warehouse dress I bought online to Wei Teing and Gan's wedding at Grand Imperial, Bangsar Shopping Centre on 16 September. Read about the drama that ensued during the purchase of the dress here.

I love the strappy detail and the bare back of the dress. This is naturally why I decided on an updo - to show off the dress :)

From the back

Front. Looking a bit tired here coz we just got back

Rachel, Wei Teing the bride, Adeline and me

Egg-y Nail Polish

Aren't these Essie nail polishes cute? I know Easter is long gone, but I just discovered this image while browsing the web. I love bright, neon nail polishes, and this is such an inspiration and perfect for gifts too!

I have been eyeing on some glitter and neon nail polishes from OPI for some time now and a nail polish enthusiast friend is gonna help me get some. I can't wait for the package to arrive. Will share pics when I do receive them. Hopefully the colours will turn out as intense as they appear on the images shared online.

{Image via Quite Like It}

Friday, September 21, 2012

H&M Fever Hits KL!

It's finally here - the much-anticipated opening of the 3-storey H&M store in Lot 10. A true shoppers' paradise as clothes here are priced reasonably yet best of all, present the best in the latest trends.

Yesterday was the media and guests launch and the queue to enter was super, super long. I wasn't there, but trust me, this is not hearsay. Two colleagues fell into the H&M "trap" when they arrived and saw the queue! Thank goodness they both bought stuff, otherwise it would be in vain... It was raining and traffic would have been horrendous.

They didn't require a launch gambit as the queue itself would have made the frontpage news. I went into several H&M stores while travelling in the UK, and was surprised that the prices were not as cheap as I thought. However, I was browsing through the H&M Malaysia website and was pleasantly surprised that the products offered here are affordable after all. Saw loads and loads of tweets by our local celebrities and bloggers raving about how awesome it is. Wished I was there, but my sore throat stopped me.

So ladies, forget about your thinning bank account - here's one more reason to shop!

Here's the crazy queue. I'm gonna visit when the storm has settled

{Picture courtesy of Amelyn Ang}

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gangnam Craze Invades Weddings!

Who hasn't heard the catchy tunes of Oppa Gangnam Style yet? Well, true to its fame, the song has now invaded weddings! This San Francisco Bay Area wedding video sports really good videography and art direction. It reminded me of the Marry You craze at weddings, after it was shown on Glee.

This is hilarious, fun and makes for good entertainment. Forget robot style, this is what I call making a grand entrance.

Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Wedding Season!

Alwin and I received a total of four wedding invitations just this month alone! September is a record-breaking month for weddings, I must say. I've just attended a colleague's wedding ceremony on 1st Sept, all decked in a sweet yellow, peach and pink theme. The weather was kind to the happy couple (and the guests) which means no rain and very little haze.

Here are photos I took of the invite cards we received. A fun one, a formal one, and one with a colourful insert. Such wonderful, happy occasions. We're so happy to part with our moolah to give away ang pows!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to Reality

I'm finally back from a 2-week Europe holiday - travelling through London, Paris and finally Scotland. Shopping in Europe is amazing and I could get cheap buys from as low as only 1 Pound, so I was very happy about that and came back with a suitcase full of new purchases. Clothes, food, body products, loungewear, lingerie, you name it... 

Admittedly, I have been ignoring my blog and not updating any posts on it. So to keep things moving, enjoy the photos below (just a few chosen ones from about 1,500) from my recent European rendezvous.

Up close and personal with the Big Ben

Waited 45 minutes for a ride on the London Eye. The view was worth every minute

Doing what a tourist does

The best fish and chips and Sunday roast I've had was served here. This is near Portobello market

Cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery

Tower Bridge with the Olympic rings

Entrance to Kensington Palace

Tate Modern in the background

Shopping at Westfield, Stratford City, which was near the Olympic Village

Stonehenge - I love it!


Bienvenue a Paris!

Real authentic French cuisine


Mum and I on a River Seine cruise

The Louvre. It reminded me of Da Vinci Code and for a moment I really thought I was standing above the Holy Grail


The cafe culture. We were indulging in Scotch pies