Friday, March 8, 2013

Sugar, Oh Honey Honey!

I recently got an invitation to MAC Archie's Girls launch at Mid Valley and I fell totally head over heels in love with the packaging! I grew up with these comic characters and I especially loved sexy siren Veronica, with her flowing jet black hair, hourglass figure and full bosom.

Everything was decked up and inspired by the swing days. Dancers in full skirts and guys in suspenders pranced about the area. There was a jukebox as a decor and food served were cute as buttons - cream soda with colourful straws, mini hotdogs with mustard, mini burgers, heart-shaped strawberry shortcake, etc. The MAC people really outdid themselves, food wise. Gave me the feeling as if I was in a 60's diner.

Natasha and yours truly
Yours truly and Amelyn
With Betty, Archie and Veronica. If I include hubby Alwin, it would be a pentagonic love affair

Cute waiters in red bowties

The MAC people took a photo of us and e-mailed it over with the frame!
I particularly loved the face highlighter as it came with build-in hearts, but I don't usually dust highlighter on my face. The last time I did was ten years back when I started experimenting with makeup. Highlighter overload! It gave me a very obvious fake tan on my face only.

Got the Caramel Sundae eyeshadow palette, the Betty Bright lipstick and a tin of heart-shaped candies as a doorgift. The colours in the eyeshadow palette is so me! I'm so pleased as I tend to use mostly brown, earthy tones anyway. Can't say the same about the lipstick though.

Dress, Forever 21 / Belt, River Island / Necklace, H&M / Bag, Charles & Keith / Shoes, Vincci

Monday, March 4, 2013

Patrick J. Adams

Last Friday I had a superstar drape his arm casually over me - no big deal... right? Wrong! Coz it's Patrick J. Adams from Diva Universal's Suits! Cute, suave, charming, unpretentious, handsome, tall, friendly... all that a girl could ever want. Except that he's taken. By Troian Bellisario. Another star. From another TV show. It's called Pretty Little Liars.

Adams was here to promote Suits and came over to 21 Tables + Terraces at Bangsar Shopping Centre after the press conference. Thank you Vanessa for the invitation! I'm forever indebted to you... But as the invitation came at the last minute, I was wearing a cheongsam and I felt so out of place. Half way through plenty of cupcakes, mini burgers and wine, I didn't mind so much anymore.

A-line Cheongsam, Arthur Yen / Earrings, gift from Penang