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The Mayday Diaries is an outlet for me to write and post pictures. Basically things that I think are worth sharing and also memories that I want to keep. I started this blog the year I turned 29 with one objective in mind: Lest I get hit with amnesia one day when I'm old and grey, I can always refer back to this blog to see what I was up to when I was younger! Hopefully I will never have to resort to that... lol!

I would be really grateful if someone would grant me a simple wish and turn every day to Saturday :) There's nothing I love more than 24 hours of my own time and choosing to do whatever I want. In some countries and some states in Malaysia, weekdays start on a Sunday, so I don't consider Sundays a weekend.

I also love travelling the world! Who doesn't right?

Current location: Kuala Lumpur

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